Aims of the CDN Inc

To foster the professional development and learning of its participants within the context of the field of development within Catholic education.

To further, in conjunction with other participants, the development, promotion and broader aims of Catholic education.

Purpose of the CDN Inc

Provide professional learning opportunities within the area of ‘Development’ broadly covering such activities as marketing, advertising, communications, publications, branding, promotions, merchandise, enrolments, alumni engagement, public relations, fundraising and archives with a particular focus within Catholic sector.

The purpose of CDN Inc. is to offer collegiality and professional learning support in the areas mentioned above. The group also provides professional development opportunities and marks its success by providing a practical framework for those working in these areas. Significantly it does these within our Catholic context, keeping in mind our Gospel values and commitment to inclusion and equity.

The Incorporation shall

  • Conduct regular meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences for staff working within Development in Catholic Schools.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to exchange ideas and information of common concern.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of information about Development in education.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to participants through consultation with experienced professionals.
  • Assist participants to define the role of staff involved in Development within Catholic schools.
  • Provide assistance to schools with areas of Development
  • Provide an opportunity to present views of participants as an informed group on relevant issues.
  • Liaise with similar and related organisations.

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